How to install and configure Kafka on CentOS 7

Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation and in this tutorial we gonna to show how to install and configure Kafka on CentOS 7. Imagine that when an event occurs you want to take an action. for example when a user logs in to a system, an email being […]

How to Configure FreeIPA replication on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we show how to Configure FreeIPA replication in CentOS 7. FreeIPA is a free and open source project by RedHat for identity management. FreeIPA helps administrators to manage identity, policy and audit centrally. configuring replication for FreeIPA helps it to be high available in production environments.

How to install Fail2Ban on CentOS 7 Linux

In our new tutorial, we want to demonstrate how to install Fail2Ban on CentOS 7 Linux. Most linux servers by default listen on port 22 for ssh protocol connection. so this port heavily being targeted by attackers. Fail2Ban recognizes these unwanted login attempts and block attackers IP address by using firewalld or iptables